The Vampire Facial is a trending skin treatment on social media these days due to its popularity with celebrities and the Hollywood In-crowd. Its acclaim derives from more than its name and the fact that it uses an individual’s own blood plasma during the treatment, but rather from the great results it garners. A Vampire Facial series helps create a smoother skin surface, tightening skin, and restoring youth.

The Vampire Facial incorporates an all-over MicroNeedling while infusing the skin with an individual’s own platelet-rich plasma. MicroNeedling is the process of creating lots of tiny needle pokes, evenly spaced across an area of the skin. Think aerating your lawn, but for your face.

MicroNeedling creates “micro-channels” in the skin that can then be used to drive product, such as stem cells or plasma, down beneath the surface to where it will have the most impact. The Vampire Facial utilizes platelet-rich plasma derived from an individual’s own blood and teeming with growth factors that help stimulate new cell growth and repair. This liquid plasma is spread across the surface of the skin, soaking into the skin through the “micro-channels” created by MicroNeedling.

By poking very small, micro-holes across the surface of the skin, the skin is tricked into thinking there is an injury that it needs to heal. The skin’s own healing reflex is thus triggered to “heal” the treated area, increasing blood flow and laying down collagen to build a smoother skin surface. It is a great way to even out scars, wrinkles, and surface imperfections while tightening and plumping the skin.

Patients are numbed prior to treatment, and social downtime is minimal. If you are curious about doing a Vampire Facial, book a consultation with one of our experts today!


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