The Hydrofusion Facial starts with an exfoliation treatment. The exfoliation agent is either an enzyme or a microdermabrasion using our gentle and effective Diamond Tome system, depending on what makes most sense for your skin. While the treatment gently exfoliates the skin, the skin becomes more supple, allowing for a deeper and more effective penetration of medicinal skin care product.

Post exfoliation, we apply anti-aging topicals and gently massage them into the skin. After a few minutes of massage, we apply a cooling gel and use the ultrasound in a circular motion, continually massaging the skin. The skin soaks up the anti-aging serums and ultrasound helps deliver the moisture and serums all the way to the dermis, hydrating and leaving the skin more vital and fresh.

At Spa Bella, we offer a variety of Hydrofusion Facial Treatments, each delivering effective healing serums to the dermal layer. Advanced treatments such as the HydroFusion facial and clinical strength home care products can help you fight father time and maintain your youthful appearance.

Our HydroFusion Facials differ in the serums and lotions that are infused into the skin which each have unique ingredients and properties. We list them here, and the Spa Bella staff are expert in determining which of the treatments is optimal for your particular circumstance and skin needs. A series is always good to do, and providers may recommend alternating treatments to reach a patient’s ultimate goals.

Our Hydrofusion Facials include:
  • Hydrating Hydrofusion Facial
  • Anti-Aging Hydrofusion Facial
  • Regenerating Hydrofusion Facial
  • Counter Aging Hydrofusion Facial (Anti-Glycation)
  • Lightning Hydrofusion Facial
  • Calming & Soothing Hydrofusion Facial


This wonderful treatment focuses on hydrating the skin and making it more supple and healthy, using Vitamin C & Moisture on Demand as its key serums. It contains a special biologically active form of Vitamin C that inhibits the breakdown of collagen and boosts collagen synthesis, as well as Sodium hyaluronate that binds moisture and soothes. Its moisture booster protects from transepidermal water loss and adjusts to climactic conditions. The Vitamin E ingredient is a very powerful anti-oxidant that protects cellular membranes from free radicals. Your skin will glow from health and hydration and thank you for it!


For those with skin that needs to preserve its youthfulness, this special HydroFusion Facial uses Meristem extract and Phito-pep – serums with the latest in stem cell and anti-aging ingredients. We are often asked by young people ages 20 to 35 how they can slow the aging process. You may think that this age range is too early to start thinking about anti-aging therapies, but research shows that the cumulative sun exposure before the age of 18 begins to show on our skin as we become adults. Many savvy young adults may be aware of other members of their family that are not aging so gracefully, and these young people would like to do whatever they can to ensure the continued the health and vitality of their skin throughout their lives.

During this HydroFusion Facial, extracts of Swiss apple, edelweiss, meristem and plant peptides are infused into your skin. The treatment helps to combat aging by encouraging production of new collagen and slowing the breakdown of existing collagen while reducing the inflammation that leads to accelerated aging. It encourages healthier more vibrant skin. Maintain and preserve your skin with this wonderful treatment.


This treatment uses Cyto-comm and Revitacyte and is a must for those wishing to increase or preserve firmness and to combat damaging free radicals and glycation that leads to inflammation as well as the acceleration of aging. The penetration of clinical strength botanicals improves cell communication which enhances the production of collagen and elastin to help create a renewed and firmer skin tone. It is great for those over 35 to combat aging and reverse damage that, left unchecked, time, lifestyle and the environment have taken on the skin.


This is the anit-glycation treatment of choice. Glycation is a process that has recently been linked to inflammation and accelerated aging. Give aging a counter punch with this treatment that detoxifies skin from free radicals and glycating agents while reducing the DNA damage from environmental pollutants, simultaneously enhancing collagen formation, wound healing and reducing inflammation. Powerful protein peptides smooth wrinkles by stimulating the skin matrix to produce more rejuvenating substances like collagen, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid. Your skin will be fresh and renewed with a more vibrant appearance.


Exposure to UV rays can take a toll on our skin leaving it with discoloration and uneven texture. This treatment uses the most advanced clinical strength botanicals to inhibit the production of pigmented cells and to exfoliate the already discolored cells allowing your skin to yield a brighter and more illuminated appearance.


This treatment utilizes Chrono-calm serum and Tranquili cream to soothe chronically irritated skin due to acne, rosacea or sensitivity. Botanically derived Quench T reduces burning and stinging sensations while reducing redness and counteracting damaging free radicals. Ginger extract provides an antibacterial affect while Oat Beta Glucan stimulates your skin’s immune system to repair and renew your skin.

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