After much research, Spa Bella selected the Circadia Skincare line for many of our skin treatments in-house and for post-care at home for continued repair and maintenance.

The Circadia Skincare brand is about the art of medicine and the application of science together. It is specifically designed to work in harmony with the skin’s natural day and night cycles to provide optimum results in skin health. Only ingredients that can be proven by science are used in Circadia formulations, and the resulting products are a mixture of potent ingredients, both products of science and gifts of nature.

The integration of medicine, science, and nature provides the fundamental concept behind creating patented products for skin health and longevity. Circadia’s founder, Peter T. Pugiese MD, the genius behind Circadia Skincare, is a pioneer of formulation, education, and research in the field of skin health, having dedicated over 50 years to the science of skin and aging. He is the author of many publications, including Advanced Professional Skin Care Medical Edition and Physiology of the Skin, and has numerous awards and patents attesting to his expertise and experience in the field of research, development, and testing of the physiology of skin, skin conditions, and skin care solutions.

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