Are you happy with your lashes? Long, thick lashes are in fashion these days, and we like this fashion. Thankfully there is a solution on the market today that makes it possible for our very own lashes to be all we want them to be. Due to medical breakthroughs and technology that makes this possible, this fashion is likely here to stay as more and more women have the opportunity to have great lashes.

It is common for our lashes to thin as we age, and aging has been linked to decreased lash fullness, length and darkness. Since coming onto the market in 2009, Latisse has been a phenomenon, with more than three million kits sold and terrific results. This product is a terrific solution for people who want more from their own lashes.

Latisse solution is a prescription treatment used to grow lashes. While it is not yet scientifically understood how it accomplishes its great results, Latisse is believed to prolong the growth phase of the four eyelash growth cycles, resulting in longer, thicker, darker lashes. The treatment process is simple. Apply Latisse solution nightly directly along the lash line on the top eyelid. While time frames may vary per individual, most experience significant increase in overall eyelash prominence over a 16 week period.


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