The laser works by fractionating CO2 laser energy into near microscopic beams of light. When the laser energy is delivered to the surface of the skin, micro-treatment zones are created. Each zone is surrounded by small sections of untreated skin. The untreated skin creates a platform to facilitate healing by synthesizing new collagen and elastin fibers. This new growth of the body’s collagen will strengthen the skin’s underlying support structure and help the skin to retexture itself. With lighter treatments, minimal downtime is needed. The skin responds by regaining youthful elasticity and a healthy skin complexion.

When each pulse of laser energy is administered, patients will feel a very warm prickling sensation. The treated area will look and feel like an intense sunburn. Topical anesthetics and cooling devices are utilized to reduce any discomfort during and after the procedure. Patients will typically feel heat in the treated area for up to the first couple of hours post treatment, and this is often the extent of the discomfort experienced. Once the heat dissipates, skin looks raw but there is little or no discomfort. In the first days post treatment, the skin will brown and pinpoint bleeding may occur. Once the skin underneath the damaged surface layers has regenerated, the surface skin will slough off, leaving fresh, new, youthful-looking, pink skin in its place.

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