Note: Please keep in mind that if testimonials refer to results, individual results may vary from person to person.

Everyone was lovely.

— January 23, 2016

It's a great place to go very informative very helpful and right on time.

— December 21, 2015

Great experience

— December 15, 2015

Great location, nice facility Very knowledgeable staff. I'll be going back!

— December 15, 20154

Great customer service Very welcoming and inviting and the service was awesome.

— December 11, 2015

Very nice experience Will go back for further treatments

— November 04, 2015

They are very nice and accommodating!

— November 03, 2015

Very professional staff I am very pleased and will go back

— November 03, 2015

Very clean, professional and super friendly and welcoming I'd go back!

— October 30, 2015

Great place, very clean!

— October 26, 2015

I had read a previous review about waiting awhile so I was prepared but it went so smoothly. I was in and out quickly and everyone was really nice and professional. I think I had Paula and she was knowledgeable and proficient. I would definitely go back.

— October 24, 2015

The microdermabrasion was terrific My skin looked great!

— October 13, 2015

Very Friendly

— September 30, 2015

Is good to be on and get good deals

— September 21, 2015

Absolutely great Micro! ∗

— September 19, 2015

Great service

— September 18, 201

They were very professional, nice. The atmosphere was clean and comfortable. This was my first visit, but I will be back.

— September 14, 2015

Very pleasant front desk gals. Nice and cozy environment. Quick procedure, wasted no time in taking care of me. Very little small talk, took the information and my request and proceeded immediately. Thorough paperwork.

— September 12, 2015

Microdermabrasion was very relaxing, very refreshing. ∗

— September 12, 2015

Very friendly and professional!

— September 11, 2015

Nice place and very clean and the technicians are very friendly.

— September 04, 2015

Great place

— August 27, 2015

Love this place! I will be going back!!!

— August 21, 2015

It was super clean

— July 27, 2015

Very friendly and helpful staff.

— July 09, 2015

Great people and friendly loved it.

— July 07, 2015

Great place and friendly staff.

— June 26, 2015

The minute I walked in, I knew this was a great place. Staff are friendly and helpful. What a wonderful experience.

— June 19, 2015

Very professional and friendly staff.

— June 11, 2015

I was really apprehensive of going to another spa for Botox after a less than stellar experience with another place I used on Groupon! Wow! The ladies made me feel right at home, Heather is a true gem! I can't wait for my follow up! Thank you ladies! ∗

— June 06, 2015

Nice experience. Professional staff.

— June 05, 2015

Great place! Awsome info on keeping up with a young looking face!

— May 28, 2015

Wonderful staff.

— May 16, 2015

This is a wonderful place to get a facial! I even got a mini massage during it. Was offered water and the restroom was clean. I would highly recommend it!

— May 13, 2015

Had a wonderful experience! The team is very kind, knowledgeable and professional. Gretchen, Marcy, Danielle and Jessica are all so welcoming. I'm new to Colorado and was searching for a local medispa. I've found my place! Highly recommended.

— May 04, 2015

Wonderful staff very clean,nice experience.

— April 09, 2015

Heather was amazing for injectibles! Friendly and educational. ∗

— April 07, 2015

It is very serene and beautiful spa. Everyone, from the moment I walked in to the time I left, was so very friendly and knowledgeable about services and products. I am planning to use their services again in the near future.

— March 19, 2015

Very friendly! Not painful and very quick!

— March 07, 2015

Heather is wonderful!! It was my first time there and she made the entire experience so relaxed and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this spa!

— March 05, 2015

Great service

— February 27, 2015

Very friendly people at the spa. Clean and inviting atmosphere. Very knowledgeable. I will definitely be going back.

— February 17, 2015

Everyone was friendly and inviting and made you feel welcome!

— February 12, 2015

All the ladies are very nice and easy to talk with. They are also educational and make sure that you are doing the correct procedures that fit your needs.

— February 12, 2015

This is a very nice place, very nice stuff who is knowledgeable and makes you feel welcomed.

— February 12, 2015

It was hard to find in the shopping center but was very nice inside. The staff was knowledgeable and very pleasant.

— February 12, 2015

Great experience!

— February 10, 2015

This is a great spa!

— February 10, 2015

They were fantastic! Great staff, beautiful place! Clean and knew what they were doing! Would definitely go back.

— January 30, 2015

This place is excellent! The services were wonderful, the staff knowledgeable, and the was no heavy sales pitch. I plan to return.

— January 19, 2015

Very nice

— January 17, 2015

I will most definitely recommend and use this spa again.

— January 13, 2015

Great service and a delightful personnel

— January 07, 2015

Very relaxing, lovely facility. The technicians were very professional and didn't push additional services or products. I will definitely be back!

— January 07, 2015

Katrina was fabulous. She was very thorough with the microdermabrasion and the peel. In fact, I was so satisfied that I purchased additional treatments. ∗

— January 05, 2015

Really nice, professional staff!

— January 03, 2015

Would definitely go back. Very friendly and professional staff.

— August 26, 2014

A very enjoyable Medical Spa with many great services.

— August 4, 2014

Great Microderm ∗

— July 21, 2014

Great service!

— July 8, 2014

Great place to go for skin care treatments. The director was very nice and helpful and the lady who did my microdermabrasion treatment was great. I felt very comfortable and in good hands. There was no up selling. ∗

— June 24, 2014

Very professional

— June 6, 2014

Katrina was wonderful. I purchased 2 more treatments from her and also an apt for Juvaderm. Highly recommend! ∗

— May 27, 2014

Everyone was very nice. My laser treatment was great! ∗

— May 24, 2014

Professional setting with great results and good recommendations. ∗

— May 10, 2014

Very professional and friendly environment. I would recommend to friends and family.

— April 26, 2014

Been to several other spas like this. This was by far the best!

— April 16, 2014

This was fantastic!!!! The staff was great and I am going back in a couple of weeks!

— April 14, 2014

Spa Bella is a total find!! I'm so glad they ran a living social special so I could find them. They're tucked away in a busy shopping center, but once you step in the doors it's quiet and relaxing. Everyone was super friendly, from the front desk to the manager/owner, who meets with you after your treatment. Andrea did my IPL photofacial, and she was great... highly recommend her! I will definitely be back to this spa. ∗

— March 24, 2014

Very nice space. Easy location to find and park. Treatment relaxing and enjoyable. Spa owner informative, nice and very helpful in suggesting other possible options. Her approach was informed and thoughtful, did not feel like she was trying to sell but rather trying to suggest the best combination to meet my needs.

— December 13, 2013

Wonderful experience! Very knowledgable and friendly. Walked me through entire process. I love it here!

— December 13, 2013

Just had my first IPL facial. They were very gentle and informative! ∗

— December 12, 2013

Very professional and knowledgable staff, clean and modern facility. I will definitely go back!

— October 29, 2013

Efficient and friendly....

— November 23, 2013

Wonderful place, clean nice.

— November 13, 2013

I am so happy with the quality of services offered at Spa Bella. I have tried many different places in Denver and what sets this place apart is the staff and atmosphere. All the staff are so kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Even the owner has taken the time to sit down and talk with me about services. Additionally, the setting is clean, inviting and very tasteful. I had never tried laser hair removal before, so I was concerned about the pain and how many treatments I would need. The ladies at the front desk were happy to answer my questions as well explain the process. I am so pleased with my experience and highly recommend this spa. I have now purchased several of their monthly specials. I ended up trying Botox for the first time and again was worried it would hurt (I'm scared of needles). However, the esthetician, Marcy, has incredibly gentle hands and she is very good at what she does. It didn't hurt a bit and I am happy with the results. I am so glad to found Spa Bella and I will continue use them! I'll be back soon. ∗

— Christi R

Loved Ildiko's microdermabrasion. She spent extra time on the problem areas. ∗

— October 30, 2013

Have only been there one time so far, but it was a nice spa.

— August 04, 2013

The ladies at Spa Bella were fabulous.

— June 24, 2013

The staff were absolutely professional and welcoming! I love this place!

— May 07, 2013

Tracy was awesome! I am looking forward to my future treatments with her!

— May 06, 2013

The last 2 years I have tried many products and services for my adult acne with little or no results. Spa Bella Medispa started treating me for this 3 months ago with a combination of Oxygen Treatments, Enzyme Peels and product. What a difference! The staff is very impressive. They all have extensive backgrounds and the knowledge base to treat skin as mine effectively and with great results. It is nice to look in the mirror again! ∗

— Terri

Can't wait to come back!

— May 06, 2013

Spa Bella Medispa has a very pleasant staff. I got a quality procedure with the expected effect on my skin.

— April 13, 2013

I got a good price on services. I liked the spa and would go back.

— April 12, 2013

Spa Bella is a beautiful, state of the art medispa, with all the greatest beauty-enhancing gadgets. I was thrilled with the laser hair removal Ildiko gave me, and have referred all of my friends to Spa Bella. ∗

— Marcelle

I have completed 2 sessions of 6 Zerona Laser Lipos at Spa Bella. I have to say I was not sure what to expect. I tried to lose weight for the 6 months prior with very little result. After the first 6 Zerona treatments, I experienced almost 13 total inches of fat lost, and people were commenting that I'd never looked so good. After my second 6 sessions, I lost another 13.5 inches, and I know I haven't looked like this for 10 years. One of the best results was that I lost inches in places I could never lose in before! ∗

— Janice

At 57 it was high time to do something to my face to "freshen up" and look more youthful. I was terrified to go under the knife with a facelift, afraid of not great results not to mention the expense. I had heard and read about the latest CO2 treatment, and after a consultation at Spa Bella, I was certain this treatment would be a better alternative for me and I was right!

Very professional. I liked doing business with them. ∗

— March 15, 2013

Awesome staff!!

— March 14, 2013

The Spa Bella Medispa has a very pleasant staff. I got a quality procedure with the expected effect on my skin.

— April 13, 2013

I have been to other practices for Botox in the past, and I'm very picky about my injections since I have had some bad experiences. I was nervous trying a new place but I have to say that I was beyond impressed. My experience at Spa Bella is to date the best Botox injection I have had. I don't say this lightly. That is a very big statement coming from me. My husband, who never notices anything, even commented on how good my forehead looked after it had taken. My property manager even commented to me soon after that I just keep getting younger and younger. I had to admit to her I just got my Botox. Very happy and will be back! ∗

— RoxAnne

I got a good price on services. I liked the spa and would go back.

— April 12, 2013

Very professional.

— April 10, 2013

Spa Bella Medispa has nice, friendly and professional staff. My experience was great over there.

— March 30, 2013

I had the treatment, and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. I'm happy because now my face is very, very smooth. My skin tone is even. The excess oil I always had before is virtually gone, so I'm no longer having the break outs I was having. My skin is tighter, and I feel and look more youthful. When I touch my skin, it feels smooth. When I put my makeup on, it goes on like porcelain and stays on all day, even if I perspire. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I felt very well taken care of at Spa Bella. The staff consistently checked in on me post procedure, made sure I had everything I needed and told me what to expect. Overall, it was a 10. ∗

— Martine

Love this beautiful new spa!!

I recently had a customized facial with Ildiko which was amazing - the most relaxing, rejuvenating facial I have ever experienced. My skin looks great! Ildiko has a wealth of skin care knowledge and exudes that knowledge in her services!

I also had Botox from Mary and was very comfortable with her administering this service and extremely satisfied with the results.

Aside from the services being "top-notch," the staff is down to earth, and they are probably the nicest ladies you'll ever meet in the spa business.

I also want to recognize Kellie for her awesome customer service skills and her incredible attention to detail - very helpful and accommodating, very kind, very beautiful!

Although part of me is hoping more people find out about this spa, the other part of me (selfish part) wants to keep you all to my self. ∗

— Deanne

My experience at Spa Bella has been wonderful! The staff has been very caring and supportive, with brand new facilities and state of the art equipment. There is minimal pain from the CO2 laser if you numb up properly. It has been 12 days since I had laser resurfacing, and I already look 10 years younger. ∗

— Valerie

Professional, clean, and discreet. Also, this was my first experience with laser hair removal and it was easy and almost painless, especially compared to waxing! ∗

— October 18, 2012

A very calm and professional environment.

— October 19, 2012

Really great experience.

— November 26, 2012

Great people and very professional, enjoyed it very much.

— November 27, 2012

Very professional.

— December 20, 2012

Loved it-going back for more services. The staff was great!

— December 5, 2012

The facility was really nice and the people were very accommodating and very knowledgable.

— December 6, 2012

Great customer service and no high pressure sell to buy product or additional services.

— December 7, 2012

The experience at Spa Bella is always so relaxing and the entire staff is great. Friendly, knowledgeable and skilled at the treatments. Thanks for being so great! Look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

— Heather

I have been so pleased with the results from my IPL treatments - it's very noticeable! My husband, of all people, has noted the big differences, especially with a great reduction of brown spots/blotches. Awesome! I couldn't be more pleased. ∗

— Heather

Great people and very professional, enjoyed it very much.

— November 27, 2012

The beautician was very friendly and knew what she was doing. I bought a package of 6 more, I was so happy!

— December 30, 2012

∗ Individual results may vary from person to person.